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Gjovalin QUINTET-29-04-2023

GJOVALIN QUINTET-infosConcert  29/04/2023 Balkan trafik

Accordion & Dances


Accordion : Gjovalin Nonaj – Sax soprano : Jan Vandemoortele – Trompette : Lieven De Coster – Sax bariton : Mathieu Roskam – Drums : Didier Heggerick

Zottegem 10/08/2017



Accordion / bass tuba / percussion / chant      
  • Gjovalin NONAJ accordion, chant
  • Didier HEGGERICK, bass tuba, percussion, chant

Haaltert – 23/06/2017 – Opwijk – 6/05/2017 – Genk – 15/04/2017 – Geraadsbergen – 2/03/2017 & 4/12/2016 – Grimbergen – 10/12/2016 – Leuven – 7/12/2016  – Boxtel (Netherlands) – 30/10/2016



 Accordion / clarinet / bass tuba       
  • Gjovalin NONAJ accordion
  • Christian DEBAUVE, clarinet
  • Didier HEGGERICK, bass tuba

This instrumental trio was created at the initiative of Gjovalin NONAJ, accordionist born in Lezhe (Albania), Belgo-Albanian nationality, 1st prize accordion of Tirana and Brussels Conservatories.

Poly-instrumentalist (lahuta, çifteli, horn, clarinet), he has in his repertoire many songs and instrumental melodies from the Balkan folklore.

Composer and arranger, Gjovalin NONAJ also wants to promote the music of his native country and make it known to the greatest number.

It is surrounded by Christian DEBAUVE, clarinettist, professor at the Brussels Conservatory and Didier HEGGERICK, tuba player with the Royal Band of the Guides.

“NONAJ BALKAN” aims to take you out of quiet borders of our beautiful country and to travel in search of sound materials on which was built our musical heritage.

FESTIVAL   MUSIQ’3 – R.T.B.F. – June 28, 2014


 Accordion / 2 Violin / Viola / Cello / Double Bass / Guitar
Gjovalin NONAJ, accordion – Lorin Lepuri, violin – Elona ISLAMAJ, violin Arlinda Lepuri, violates – Ejona NAKU, cello – Dritan HEKURANI, bass Pier Noshi, guitar
Tirana – Concert  Novembre 2014


Classical and folk music

Accordion / violin

  • Gjovalin NONAJ, accordion
  • Lucia BARCARI, violin 

Mrs. Lucia Barcari and Mr. Gjovalin Nonaj are without a doubt not a traditional musical duo. Through their blending of violin and accordion, performing both classical and folk music, they create a unique auditory experience. The duo presents a delightful program full of transitions between playful lightness, dynamic intensity and gentler tunes. Both of these artists have already received considerable acclaim on their own, and international audiences are not new to either of them. Mr. Nonaj has not only played with various ensembles, orchestras and solo, but also contributed to event such as Balkan Trafic Festival . Mrs. Barcari has given solo concerts in Germany, Finland, Ukraine, Belgium and Canada, in addition to busy orchestral and teaching schedule.

Combining their individual extraordinary talent, the duo performs a diverse blend of compositions. Their body of arrangements, which might well be one of a kind among contemporary instrumental ensembles, earned them standing ovations from their audience.


  1. A. Vivaldi Concerto Grosso #8 in A minor 1st mvt
  2. J.S. Bach Menuet and Badinerie from Orchestral Suite #2 in B minor
  3. W.A. Mozart Rondo à la Turka
  4. P. Tchaikovsky Swans’ dance
  5. Traditional Balcanike Melody
  6. M . Rodriguez La Comparsita
  7. Traditional Bulgarian Melody
  8. V. Monti Czardas
  9. J. Strauss Waltz « Sangue Viennese »
  10. J . Brahms Hungarian Dance #5
  11. Traditional Romanian Melody
  12. J. Gade Tango « Jealosy »
  13. N. Rimsky-Korsakov Le vol du bourbon
  14. Traditional Melody de Bosnia
  15. Traditional Balcanike Dance
  16. Valle popullore shiptare
  17. Fantazi per Fizarmonika
  18. Traditional balcan
  19. Melodi per fyell
  20. Pjese Instrumentale
  21. Rapsodie de music populaire de Moldavi Chocirlia

Gjovalin NONAJ and Sayana TCHANKOVA


Variety of music

Accordion / Violin

  • Gjovalin NONAJ, accordion
  • Sayana TCHANKOVA, violon


Galina_photo  _DSC33901

Music and Songs
  • Gjovalin NONAJ, accordion
  • Galina KOUZNETSOVA, lyric soprano



Gjovalin and Ilir’s accordions join together to present their rich repertoire of European traditional music. Both artists have played in concert on the international scene. As composers and instrumentalists who master popular and Balkanik music, they strive to keep traditional music intact and original. Among other things, they distinguish themselves by their skilful improvisation. The complicity between these two passionate musicians is undeniable.


Family NONAJ



Traditional and folk music

  • Gjovalin NONAJ, çifteli, vocals
  • Lumturie NONAJ, lahuta, vocals
  • Gjok NONAJ, lahuta, vocals
  • Geto NONAJ, sharki, vocals

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