Animator (EN)

Animator, artistic director, concert performer –   I offer you different groups for concerts, festivals, family reunions, cocktail parties and lots of others:

Solo- , group- and orchestra- performance;
  • Classical music, musettes;
  • Music of Albania;
  • Music of Balkans;
  • Various styles of music;
  • Klezmer, Jewish music of Central Europe;
  • Music of Russia and Hungary
Musical performance:
  • depends on your needs and wants;
  • for special private or professional occasions (birthdays, marriages, communions, cocktail parties)
Performing at theatres;
Movie music (composing for movies).
Concerning the theatre, Gjovalin Nonaj performs on the stage and accompanies the play by Bertolt Brecht “Mr Puntila and his Man Matti” at the Theatre of Martyrs in  Brussels.

Gjovalin & Bxl Tirana1